Learning SVM in Krein Spaces

Published in TPAMI, our paper on SVMs in Krein Spaces.

Authors: Gaëlle Loosli, Stéphane Canu and Cheng Ong Soon.



This paper presents a theoretical foundation for an SVM solver in Krein spaces. Up to now, all methods are based either on the matrix correction, or on non-convex minimization, or on feature-space embedding. Here we justify and evaluate a solution that uses the original (indefinite) similarity measure, in the original Kre˘ın space. This solution is the result of a stabilization procedure. We establish the correspondence between the stabilization problem (which has to be solved) and a classical SVM based on minimization (which is easy to solve). We provide simple equations to go from one to the other (in both directions). This link between stabilization and minimization problems is the key to obtain a solution in the original Krein space. Using KSVM, one can solve SVM with usually troublesome kernels (large negative eigenvalues or large numbers of negative eigenvalues). We show experiments showing that our algorithm KSVM outperforms all previously proposed approaches to deal with indefinite matrices in SVM-like kernel methods.